The Journey Project

cover Journey ProjectThis was the project I called The Journey.
I started in 2007 and it was stopped for months. Finally in 2008 I finnished 6 pieces and I sent part of the pieces (5 of 7) to Alicante and they are now in the Gallery San Vicente in San Vicente del Raspeig, in Alicante,  Spain.

If you are interested in the pieces please you can contact the Gallery directly using this link (below pictures of the exhibition)

The Journey story shows a fragmented pieces of a journey that a female tiny warrior starts. This travel or journey subject is very appealing to me so, I hope to make more pieces of this story. Also I like the idea about a small character that is almost invisible facing big scale idols. The rest of the description is up to you, give it the meaning that you want…











Creative Commons License
biosnap by Nadja Urrutia Velásquez .

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