I work across Art and Design to help you visualize your ideas and projects

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If you need help visualizing a concept for your business, a new product, your publishing project, or a personal project, I can help you from an illustration to a full presentation project.

Over 10 years, I have assisted big companies, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives, with product pitches and presentations for their ideas or products.

You can write without compromise in the Contact Me section for a quote. Write or record your idea or vision (try to be somewhat descriptive about the estimated size and elements you would like in your painting) and I will write you back with a plan and an estimated budget.

Besides other projects, I am currently behind the Graphic Design and Illustration of the products of

The programs I use are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Movavi, and Apps like Canva, Placeit, etc.

1.- Art Commissions

If you want a custom-made Art piece for a personal gift, your office, or your home, please use the Contact me form or DM me on the social media channels below. I can work with traditional media and digital painting.

You can check out some of my traditional artwork here and mixed with the digital painting here.

How does it work?
While making your art piece, I will constantly update you so you can send inputs and corrections. I will send you as many sketches as needed until you feel confident and satisfied before starting the painting. You will pay in installments during these phases.

Write without compromise for a quote in the Contact Me section. Try to be descriptive about the estimated size and what elements you would like in your painting and I will write you back with a plan and an estimated budget.

Notice: sometimes I cannot take on certain projects due to schedule or because it is not the type of art style I work with.

2.- Digital Illustrations

For product pitches, as part of packaging design, or digital products and presentations.

Part of a product pitch for Gamerce ApS

3.- UI Layout & Graphic Assets

For mobile games or apps, I have participated in the creation of games published by Gamerce ApS and an Edutainment App by Savannah ApS, both companies in Denmark. I also participated in the pitch and implementation of graphic assets for a full VR booking system for

4.- Infographics

A picture is worth a thousand words. Infographics synthesize numbers and data to grasp quicker amounts, importance, and scenarios. As part of your promotion strategy or for internal presentations Infographics can be appealing to clients or team members.
I have worked with infographics for GenieBelt and Grundfos.

5.- Presentations & Videos

I have worked for years with internal and external PowerPoint presentations for Arla Foods, Gamerce, EVRest, Grundfos Holding, and Cameo Games.

In a presentation, I gather all my other skills and combine them so I can create graphics, and manage images or photos, and from your text and spreadsheets in Word and Excel, I can get your information raw and transform it into a dynamic graphic in the Presentation.

Together with the presentation, I can make a video highlighting the presentation or a video to pitch for a product, an experience, or a business model for investors or clients.

My skills are focused on the presentation of ideas or concepts for businesses, promotions, or product pitches. I do not work with complex editing like music videos or cinematography nor do I produce videos involving actors or sets.

Let’s create something great together.

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