Trying an e-shop

I am in a process of promotion, new drawings, updating online accounts, etc.

So far I made a Facebook Page called

Also recover my online stores in deviant-art and  zazzle that were in pause

Finally I am checking some nice comunities to sell more designs, the last one is Søciety6 which I found very cool. I hope this tools can help me to show better something of my work and also give the chance to sell them as posters or gifts. So, just stop by and spread the word,

Thank you very much!


Prints and merchandise at the moment in following links, ,


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  1. Cynthia Quinones Phillips

    So proud of you Nadjia… you finished a lot of work for this exhibition. Your talent is shown in every piece of art… Congratulations… Regards Cynthia Quinones P. (Mexico)


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