In the wake of the tragedy in Paris, I was very immerse on watch the media and the debate within the Muslim Community and the need for an Islamic Reform. This is actually one of the forces in battle in the Middle East the tradition vs the modernity in the Islam, as I see it.

So I did my small #JeSuisCharlie tribute to #CharlieHebdo victims and to the Reformists Voices in the #Muslim community, I feel they are Europe’s only hope but unfortunately they are divided by their own fears and complex.

I am not cartoonist, and not pretending to be, but I always admire Political Cartoonist so this is only my homage to an incredible brave and creative profession in its language.


For those sharing, Thanks!. For those reading, this is not showing all Muslims (as if any cartoon can do it?), obviously I am not counting in my drawing with Islamists or Extremists, I am only referring to groups within Muslims world that can do something in our behalf to updated the Muslim World…


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