sketching is always relaxing…
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Maybe word developing… what do you think?

Quizás lo considere para desarrollarlo, ustedes qué piensan?


Let go…

In memoriam to these veterans & loyal friends, time to let you go… (please let’s pay respect and play trumpets and drums for them)


Caja de Juguetes / Toy’s Box

Caja de Juguetes – Caracas, 2001
Toy box – Caracas, 2001

About Ginger

This old piece was, like Nodriza, made without no more intention but fun. In fact I did it this color because is all I had in my room to draw the day I started. Maybe I was trying the sepia I had… Anyway even the name is casual… I was thinking is called About Giger due to I am big fan of the mastermind of this genius, but for a mistake in the keyboard I putter “gniger” then I think I made the connection with Ginger, which I think now is better for the girl is more like her.

Waiting for a drink

This is waiting for a drink project which is “in progress”

creyon sketch 2003

Creative Commons License
biosnap by Nadja Urrutia Velásquez .

waiting for a drink


This is a very old thing, some friends like it.
What I like about it is that it was absolutely casual with zero intentions, just for fun

Creative Commons License
biosnap by Nadja Urrutia Velásquez .


Eve II – Eva II

This painting was done with mixed media and on a simple brown cardboard. Probably I finished it up, in 2004, it was done in extra hours.

It was supposed to be a study an sketch  but with the time ended like this and my mother is the owner now…


Doodle… Sketch pencil, edited with Photoshop. Is like an Orfan Panzer fooling around…
Garabato… Boceto a lápiz, modificado con Photoshop. Es como un Panzer Huérfano que se quedó paseando por ahí…


Creative Commons License
biosnap by Nadja Urrutia Velásquez .