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Yeap, I totally forgot to post a summary of the exhibition of November 2015. What really happened? I got Instagram and went bananas about it, the whole thing took me off guard because it was so easy, I loved posting pictures of the process of making the pieces,  and sending the whole thing to Facebook directly, so much so that I postponed over and over again posting the summary on the blog.

Following the opening in November 14th I barely had time for other things non-related with the exhibition, then Christmas came and went, I traveled to Spain for 3 months, I bought a graphic tablet, a 3D printer, I did a 3D modeling course, came back to Denmark and FINALLY here I am catching up with the blog… Ok, I just digressed…

Back to the exhibition story, I did an opening in Copenhagen at the Københavns Kulturcenter …. It was a special exhibition because for some years I did this series of pieces that I called “Mechanical delusions & other illustrated stories” that was purposefully  more colorful and with a lighter palette of what I am used to, and with this exhibition that cycle will be closed to start another cycle of drawings.

Having said that, this series of drawings are available in different ways, as limited prints in Søciety6 (only 150 units) in high quality, in different sizes/formats, right to your door or in its original format in a very affordable price that we can talk about so don’t hesitate to contact me using social media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or via Email

I will be showing some of the process of each piece in different post in the future, the original pieces are all in A3 cardboard (Tabloid) as you can see below…

Last but not least, I cannot stress enough how important was the support of friends and family every time I do some opening, is priceless. Thank you guys!

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Sip, olvidé totalmente escribir un resumen de la exposición de Noviembre 2015. ¿Qué pasó realmente? Bueno, abrí una cuenta de Instagram y enloquecí un poco, la cosa me tomó por sorpresa porque es tan fácil, me encantó poder publicar fotos del proceso de hacer los cuadros y enviarlo todo directamente a Facebook , y así fui posponiendo la tarea de publicar un resumen en este blog.

Después de la exposición que abrió el 14 de Noviembre apenas tuve tiempo para atender asuntos no relacionados con la exposición, vino la Navidad, viaje a España por 3 meses, allí compré una tableta gráfica y una impresora 3D, también hice un curso de modelado 3D, regresé a Dinamarca y FINALMENTE aquí estoy poniéndome al día con el blog… Ok, me estoy dispersando…

Volviendo a la exposición, la apertura fue en Copenhague en el Københavns Kulturcenter…. Y esta expo fué especial porque durante algunos años he hecho esta serie de piezas que yo llamo “Mechanical delusions & other illustrated stories” (Alucinaciones mecánicas y otras historias illustradas) que tiene exprofeso una paleta de colores más colorida y luminosa a lo que estoy acostumbrada, y con esta exposición culmino esa etapa.

Habiendo dicho esto, esta serie de dibujos está disponibles en distintas formas: como impresiones limitadas desde Søciety6 (solo 150 unidades) en alta calidad, en distintos formatos y tamaños, directo a tu domicilio o también están disponibles en original en un precio muy ascequible así que si estás interesado no dudes en contactarme el las redes sociales Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, o via Email

Estaré publicando algo del proceso de dibujo de cada pieza en diferentes entradas en el blog. Las piezas originales son todas en tamaño A3 (Doble carta) como pueden observar arriba…

Finalmente, pero no por eso menos importante, no me canso de agradecer el apoyo de familiares y amigos cada vez que hago una exposición, Gracias!

Available pieces / Piezas disponibles

(En Español abajo)
If you are arriving new to my blog, then this is a hint of my artwork these are pieces of an open series of drawings called “Mechanic delusions and other illustrated stories” where exhibited in Copenhagen in 2011 and 2012 the following are available now.

pieces available

Si está visitando este blog por primera vez, estas piezas dan pistas sobre mi trabajo artístico, estas piezas son parte de una serie abierta llamada “Alucinaciones mecánicas y otras historias ilustradas” fueron expuestas en Copenhagen en 2011 y 2012, las siguientes están disponibles ahora.
Creative Commons License

Chatherinian Chair

Thinking in a new project, maybe very particular ways to see furniture
Pensando en un proyecto nuevo, quizás en una manera especial de imaginar los muebles.
Ink on paper / Tinta sobre papel


Creative Commons License

Exhibition in September 2011: Making off

Preparing my first exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark for September of 2011… The exhibition will have some series of illustrations mostly in crayon on cardboard I will post some sketches and excerpts of the work in progress and updating the making off, so stay tuned and thanks for all the support…!

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Pet Care

Pet Care is one of my darlings
I made it in 2000 in Caracas  //  Ink on cardboard.

Pet Care es uno de mis dibujos más queridos.
Fue hecho en Caracas en 2000 // Tinta sobre papel

The Journey Project

cover Journey ProjectThis was the project I called The Journey.
I started in 2007 and it was stopped for months. Finally in 2008 I finnished 6 pieces and I sent part of the pieces (5 of 7) to Alicante and they are now in the Gallery San Vicente in San Vicente del Raspeig, in Alicante,  Spain.

If you are interested in the pieces please you can contact the Gallery directly using this link (below pictures of the exhibition)

The Journey story shows a fragmented pieces of a journey that a female tiny warrior starts. This travel or journey subject is very appealing to me so, I hope to make more pieces of this story. Also I like the idea about a small character that is almost invisible facing big scale idols. The rest of the description is up to you, give it the meaning that you want…











Creative Commons License
biosnap by Nadja Urrutia Velásquez .

About Ginger

This old piece was, like Nodriza, made without no more intention but fun. In fact I did it this color because is all I had in my room to draw the day I started. Maybe I was trying the sepia I had… Anyway even the name is casual… I was thinking is called About Giger due to I am big fan of the mastermind of this genius, but for a mistake in the keyboard I putter “gniger” then I think I made the connection with Ginger, which I think now is better for the girl is more like her.

Portrait – Retrato

Today I finally decided to put a name to this drawing I made in 2000. I am very bad to pick titles for my drawings; until now this one was called w-t-01: without tittle 01, today I decided to call him Retrato, Portrait… what a “original” tittle after nine years, right!?.

Hoy finalmente decidí poner nombre a este dibujo que hice en el 2000. No soy tan buena con los nombre de mis dibujos, hasta ahora este era llamado s-t-01: sin título 01, hoy decidí llamarlo Retrato, qué “original” título luego de nueve años eh!?
Ink on cardboard / Tinta sobre cartulina

retrato 2000

Creative Commons License
biosnap by Nadja Urrutia Velásquez .

Frankie 2

frankie 2 / biosnap (Nadja Urrutia Velásquez)

This is Frankie II is part of a serie of drawings very small touching on biomechanics (sort of)

Creative Commons License

biosnap by Nadja Urrutia Velásquez is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution.